I know you care for me,
I know you trust me,
I even know you love me a lot,
And most of all I know that you’ll never ever leave me.
But, there are insecurities.
Insecurities, that one day you’ll leave me all alone
Saying,” You’re not the one I fell in love with.”
Every time we are together
I feel like asking you
Will you be there by my side when I need you?
Will you be there with me forever?
I know these insecurities are fake
These are just the evil shadows
But every time I’m thinking of you
These questions arise again-n-again
And when I decide to ask you
I suddenly stop
Stop! Thinking your feelings would be hurt
You’ll start thinking that I don’t trust you
But the truth is
With these insecurities
There is a lot love, care and concern in my heart for you
And most importantly the trust
We are miles and miles away,
The distances are more
But the only feeling that has kept this sweet relationship alive is TRUST!
But still I have insecurities,
These useless insecurities keep eating my mind
Even though I know
Only time can tell
What is going to happen!
But whatever it is
These insecurities also indicate
That how much I love you
And how much I don’t want to loose you ever.



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